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The Quiet Space Between

There is a quiet place that we find ourselves in at certain junctures in our life. A dark void where we hang in limbo, transitioning out of one life phase into another, preparing ourselves to create a new life story. We don’t know what that story is going to be, the blank page is simply staring back at us, unwritten. This “darkness” is the space of the feminine, of nurturing and immense creativity, where we are forced to simply be, not knowing what is to come, but being asked to trust in the flow of the unknown. I like to call this place “the quiet space between” because it is the middle point where we gain an understanding of who we were, and how this will help us move forward into who we are meant to be.

We usually enter this space after we heed a call for significant change in our life, which oftentimes comes with experiencing a “dark night of the soul”. We awaken to the realization that our life is no longer what we need, but we have no idea what we do want it to be. We just know it is “not this”. This knowledge drives us to retreat from our external environment and go within, beginning our journey down a deep abyss, questioning ourselves and who we are. We begin to think we are crazy, or other people tell us we are crazy, and ask why can’t we just be content with how things are. Well, I can tell you why…you are no longer the same person that created “how things currently are”, your needs have changed.

Sometime between creating your current life, and where you find yourself now, your values and belief systems shifted . As such, your perspective expanded, and when that happens we look at life through a different lens. Once we look through this new lens, it is very difficult to go back to the way things were, they no longer look the same to us. This shift happens gradually and we often don’t see it, which is why the “dark night of the soul” feels so difficult. You are not crazy, you are simply evolving.

Once we make the decision to move onward, rather than staying where we are, we begin the second part of our descent into the void. This is the process of letting go. We let go of the familiar, the comfortable and the “safe”. We let go of who we were, and who we think we need to be. We allow ourselves to settle into a deep quiet and stillness. We strip ourselves down to the very core of our being, and learn to sit with it. We mourn the loss of the person we were, learn to be thankful for all that has transpired in our life to this point and how it made us who we are in this very moment, and embrace the unknown of who we will become.

As we take the time to rest in this space, our “spiritual cells” are ripped apart and then start coming together in a new way. We are being rebuilt like the caterpillar in its pupa, turning into liquid before metamorphosizing into its new form of the butterfly. The Divine Feminine is the creative force that guides this process, nurtures us as we shapeshift into our new form. All we need to do is sit quietly, in full self awareness and love, in the waters of her womb as she brings us to life again.

This is one of the most difficult parts of the journey. It requires us to have a boatload of faith, both in ourselves and the powers that be. Most of us prefer to move through this space quickly, without fully immersing ourselves in it. Or, not at all. We fear what we may find in its darkness because we know we will be forced to face our shadow self, to sit in the uncomfortableness of our fears and truly feel them, digging deeper to learn what their true sources are. But rather than letting them pull us further downward into the depths, we learn to integrate and flow with them, allowing them to carry us forward towards a higher version of ourselves.

Creating our authentic self is a life-long process. We will always be changing and adapting as we move through our different life phases. We were not meant to stay the same, nothing in Nature is. Our souls are meant to grow, that is how we evolve spiritually, and that growth process happens through changes in our lives. The “quiet space between” is where we create the foundation of our new self, a foundation based on a new set of beliefs and values. Having this solid foundation in place is an important key to creating a life that is in alignment with it.

For all of us who find ourselves in the “quiet space between”, we can at least take heart that when we are finally able to move out of it, we will do so with a solid understanding of who we are, and what we want to create in the world to better fulfill our purpose here. We are one step closer to becoming our highest self.

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