Shifting Meeting Culture

Meeting culture within an organization can make or break how your company achieves its goals, or even whether they are met at all. It is the space where decisions are made, information is shared and gathered, and fundamental communication takes place. However, most people hate meetings. They feel they are a waste of time, and leave the meeting space with a sense of having accomplished nothing.

Now, more than ever before, shifting meeting culture is an important factor to a business’s success. With the business world changing at an unprecedented rate, it is crucial to have the meeting space thriving and nurturing the growth of the business.  The kind of shift needed to make this happen goes beyond changing agenda formats and meeting rules. It requires a fundamental change based on connection and communication.

For the past 20 years I have been helping organizations implement new ways for people to meet and connect. I can lead your business through this process and shift your company’s meeting culture to one that will pave the way for your business’s success.

How We Will Work Together:

Assessment: We will assess the needs of your organization together to ensure the outcome is in alignment with your goals and culture

Redesign and Create:

  • Your overall meeting structures and processes 
  • How your teams work together
  • New ways of communicating and connecting that will transform your meeting culture
  • An evaluation system to enable your company to continuously improve the system

Training and Implementation:

  • Training and workshops on how to integrate the new system 
  • Coaching and support to help your teams move forward with the system 

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