Intuitive Business Strategy Sessions

I offer three types of Intuitive Business Strategy Sessions to choose from. In each of these sessions, I combine my 15+ years of experience helping companies build and streamline their business models with my 20+ years of experience in intuitive and mediumship work. I employ a variety of tools such as tarot cards, numerology, business model building blocks, as well as business strategy and planning models.


The Foundations session is designed for those who are looking to start a new business, but have not launched it yet. This session focuses on the basic foundations needed to build a business, and will help you better understand your role and purpose.  From there we will then look at the main building blocks of your business such as the “why” behind it, your vision, your offering, your customer base and what you need to get started. You will come out of this session with solid insights to help you with your goal setting, an understanding of what is needed to build the business and what your customers will need, and lastly whether you are prepared emotionally, physically and mentally for the challenges of business building.

Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter session is designed for those who are looking to start a new business, but interested in the emotional and spiritual impacts it will have in their life. This session will dive into elements of your emotional and day to day life, and how starting a business will affect them and vice versa. We will also be setting some practical goals and looking at what an ideal outcome would look like.  You will come out of this session with a clear understanding of how well balanced your business is with your heart and what drives you, as well as actions you can take to help you navigate these and create a successful foundation.

Strategic Direction

The Strategic Direction session is designed for people who already have a business but need to take a step back and gather some insights around it, look at the bigger picture, or need a reset on it. In this session I will look at:

  • Where your business is at currently
  • What challenges you are dealing with
  • Long and short-term gains
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • What you can focus on now and in the next 6-12 months

You will come out of this session with a clearer understanding of actions you can take and areas you can look at that will help you shift, evolve and/or expand your business.

Essentials Package

  • 40-minute recorded video session delivered via email
  • Video includes personalized intentions to help you manifest success for your business

Signature Package

  • 40-minute recorded video session with personalized intentions
  • 30-minute live video call with me to discuss your reading

Chrissie was incredibly accurate in her assessment of my business’ existing situation, provided me with valuable insights on how to use my business’ strengths in better ways, and on how to strategically improve it. I now know which key areas I need to focus and take action on that will enable me to move it to the next level with greater clarity and success.

As business owners, we can tend to get caught in the weeds and demands of the day-to-day, and it is difficult to step back and see the larger picture at play. Through this session, Chrissie helped me do that, as well as tap into the passion that led me to create it in the beginning. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain deeper clarity and understanding of the next steps that are needed to make their business thrive.

Shelly Lynn Hughes
Founder, Pursuit 365

I got a business reading from Chrissie at a time when there was a significant amount of change and uncertainty surrounding my career. I knew where I was headed but had many questions around timing, feasibility and where to focus my attention.

Chrissie's reading was able to pinpoint specifically where I was at and what resources were available to me over the coming 6 month period, and it helped me shift from a space of overwhelm to prioritizing my path in my long list of action items when it came to business building. It also reassured me that my intuitive insights were in alignment with what I'm ultimately creating.

I would absolutely recommend this for any business owner no matter what stage of business you're in, whether just starting out, or seriously established and ready for the next step in your growth.

Jessica Dawn Séguin

What Chrissie provided me was invaluable. Her ability to reveal both my internal and external landscapes through her reading gave me the clarity I have been looking for in my next steps. Chrissie was incredibly generous in the time she devoted to excavating the message that was coming through. Her passion for this work shines, and her desire to really help you thrive with your business is undeniable.

Projects that are deeply meaningful to me but sitting on the back burner unseen by the public seemed to call out to Chrissie! She gave voice to pieces that I have a harder time listening to or really believing. Her entire reading integrated what was up for my business, how I can better nourish myself to nourish my vision, and what may be holding back the success I crave. I left with the confidence and clarity that I’ve been looking for, and I have been referring back to this recording time and time again as I build my next steps. I can’t recommend Chrissie enough and know that she will be a continued consultant and mentor in my professional life for years to come.

Monica D.