The Quiet Space Between

There is a quiet place that we find ourselves in at certain junctures in our life. A dark void where we hang in limbo, transitioning out of one life phase into another, preparing ourselves to create a new life story. We don’t know what that story is going to be, the blank page is simply…

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The Human Experience

Sunlight Through the Trees

What does it mean to have a human experience? Is that not what we are in the process of doing now, as we go through each of our days living on this planet? Possibly. But I believe it goes beyond that. To me, the Human Experience is about being fully engaged with the people around…

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Benefits of Working Remotely

The way we work has, for decades, created a tremendous impact on our lifestyle and our state of happiness. This couldn’t hold more true than it does right now. We live in a time where we have more options available to us in terms of how we work than we ever did before. Technology has…

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The Call for Change

Sea Cottage Open Door

There comes a time in our life when we hear the call. It generally starts as a soft whisper, and if we hear it and acknowledge it, it’s job is done. If not, the call gradually gets stronger and louder until it finally comes in with the galeforce of a hurricane, throwing our worlds into…

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