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The Call for Change

There comes a time in our life when we hear the call. It generally starts as a soft whisper, and if we hear it and acknowledge it, it’s job is done. If not, the call gradually gets stronger and louder until it finally comes in with the galeforce of a hurricane, throwing our worlds into chaos and uncertainty. Regardless of how we experience it (which depends on our state of self awareness), it is there for a reason and calls our attention to something in our life that requires us to let go in order for the new to be able to come in.

Many of us hold a great deal of fear surrounding change, we are creatures of habit and seek the security of the familiar and the comfortable. We are naturally wired for it. While this comes in handy during times of survival mode, we have long since moved past that and into periods of growth instead. Growth is the exact opposite of survival, and so are the actions we need to take to move through it.

There is a box that we live in…we shelter ourselves in…that we surround ourselves with like a soft, warm blanket. This is the box of the familiar, filled with ideas, perspectives, people and places that we are comfortable with. We fill this box as we move along our life journey. The familiar and comfortable are really the harvest of our experiences, what we choose to keep and nurture until they somehow almost feel like extensions of ourselves.

The comfortable and familiar should never be negated, it is what nourishes us, soothes us and provides us with the feeling of security.. We need all of this to experience being human, it is part of our purpose. The risk lies in choosing to remain here. It is like the bird afraid to leave its nest, to spread its wings and fly. If the bird does not fly it risks dying. How will it eat? How will it survive? How will it continue growing? It cannot do any of those things by staying where it is. And we are the same.

We are souls having a human experience. We came here to help evolve our souls, to continue to grow and expand them. When we choose to remain within what is comfortable, we end up stagnating this soul growth. Why? Because it is through new experiences that we evolve. The familiar and the comfortable are there to be enjoyed and savoured, but it is through the unfamiliar, the difficult and the challenging that we really expand our beings. Until these too provide us with a harvest of our “new” comfortable.

Growth happens outside of our box. That outlier point is where the magic happens.

Where the Magic Happens
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When we hear the call it is the Universe/God/Source letting us know that it is time. Time to expand ourselves. Time to take another step forward into our destiny. Time to realize even more of our potential. We did not come here to remain in the safety net our entire lives, we came here to spread our wings and soar to heights we never thought possible. All it takes is that one step outside of the box.

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