The Quiet Space Between

There is a quiet place that we find ourselves in at certain junctures in our life. A dark void where we hang in limbo, transitioning out of one life phase into another, preparing ourselves to create a new life story. We don’t know what that story is going to be, the blank page is simply…

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How Do You Lead in a Virtual World?

How do you lead in a virtual world? This is probably a question that gets asked a lot lately given the immense changes taking place within businesses right now, and such an intense focus on operating within a digital environment. One of these changes is the massive shift in how leadership is defined and what…

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The Real Secret Behind a Thriving Virtual Business

Chess Pieces

There are many things that often come to mind when we think about what makes a virtual business successful. Great online marketing, strong social media presence, passion for what you do, solid product research and the list goes on. These are all without a doubt incredibly important and key drivers. But…there is still one crucial…

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The Human Experience

Sunlight Through the Trees

What does it mean to have a human experience? Is that not what we are in the process of doing now, as we go through each of our days living on this planet? Possibly. But I believe it goes beyond that. To me, the Human Experience is about being fully engaged with the people around…

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Benefits of Working Remotely

The way we work has, for decades, created a tremendous impact on our lifestyle and our state of happiness. This couldn’t hold more true than it does right now. We live in a time where we have more options available to us in terms of how we work than we ever did before. Technology has…

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