There is no denying that as we move forward social communities are playing a larger and larger role in the world of business.  However, as a business we have a choice on how we use the different social platforms.  We can use them to simply gather leads or we can use them to create solid and trust based relationships, as well as create initiatives that make a positive social impact.  

The same can be said of content.  In a time where we are constantly being bombarded with messages and information, it is more important than ever to have solid content that is rich in value, benefits and meaning to your audience.  A well crafted, smaller content collection that is authentic, inspiring, and meaningful will have much more impact and nurture connection than constantly inundating your audience with information that you might like but holds no benefits for them. 

My goal is to help businesses create a social space and content collection that reflects their values, attracts like minded individuals, creates trust based relationships and provides an interesting place where people can gather to share ideas, thoughts and initiatives.  This is an opportunity to go beyond just "marketing" and create a space and content that holds meaning and purpose to your community.  


Newsletter Management

For many businesses, newsletters are an important relationship building tool that helps them build and nurture authentic and solid relationships with their prospects and clients.  However, the creation of a weekly newsletter can take up time that many business owners don’t always have.  This is where I can help and manage your whole newsletter process from start to finish.  I will create/collate solid content that will engage your readers, that establishes a platform to nurture solid relationships with them and positions you as a thought leaders in your industry, and that helps promote your business in a natural way.  

This monthly package includes:

  • Creating a system and process for newsletter management that works for you

  • Creating engaging content that holds value for your prospects and clients

  • Ensuring that your newsletter is optimized for promoting your services and tracking statistics

  • Monthly stats analysis to determine what content works and what does not and then make the necessary adjustments

  • Any necessary adjustments to layout and design


Social MEdia Content creation

Social media is one of the best relationship building tools out there for businesses to create trust and begin nurturing relationships with new prospects/leads.  It is often the “first impression” they receive of you, and the starting point to creating a thriving community.  Therefore you want to make it count.   However carefully collating and crafting content that not only provides value to your audience and engages them, but that also positions you as a leader in your area can be very time consuming for most business owners.  Oftentimes social media content is thrown out there without much thought to the strategy behind it because there is simply not enough time to focus on it.  I can help you change that so that you are using your social platforms wisely and that they are working for you in all possible ways.

This package includes:

  • Creating a content and posting strategy that is in line with your marketing and business objectives

  • Creating content that provides value to your audience and helps position you as a leader and expert

  • Repurposing existing content from blog posts, presentations, white papers etc to create new and engaging social content

  • Includes creation of 50 pieces of content


Social Media Management:

Trying to manage every aspect of your social media strategy and process can be exhausting, not to mention that for most business owners there is simply not enough hours in the day.  Yet your social media statistics and feeds provide you with invaluable information on who your audience is, what they resonate with and what they are looking for.  This is where I come in.  I can manage your whole social media process for you so that you don’t have to spend your own time on it, but will still be receiving the insights into your audience that will help you move your business forward.  

This monthly package includes:

  • Outlining the specific key performance indicators to look at from your social stats that will help you make better planning decisions for your business

  • Regular monthly reports on the numbers and trends taking place on your social platforms

  • Regular recommendations on what to change based on the numbers coming in, and what is working and what is not

  • Minor adjustments to content pieces where necessary that will allow us to test different ideas

  • Creation of a social media analysis process that works for your business


community building

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I offer custom business solutions as well.  You can contact me at: to discuss your specific needs and how I can best help you.